“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”… Albert Einstein

Welcome to CMLDigitalDetaills! I have a very strong appreciation and respect for nature. Nature is mysterious and will remain so no matter how much we discover. Nature is the true artist and we are here to observe and appreciate its art. A majority of my work is to take the time, pay attention, capture its beauty, and show others. I enjoy creating images involving animals, insects, landscapes, waterfalls, seascapes, flowers, fungi, trees, and leaves. Occasionally I like to get involved with side projects involving old architecture, and various items of interest.

My latest work can be found on my photoblog where I post a few images each week. My images are also posted on additional sites such as 500px, Aminus3, Google + and National Geographic

Feel free to contact me about anything, whether it is a question, comment, a request, or anything else I could help with. You can email me at CMLDigitalDetails@gmail.com

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”….Henri Cartier-Bresson

Want to Purchase Prints for your Home or Office

Prints are being offered through my print shop on Etsy. I currently have a small selection available but will be adding content to the shop regularly so feel free to visit often. Take a look through my galleries and photoblog if you see an image you would like to purchase, contact me with the print name and size. Iwill add it the store and reply to your message with the information and direct link. Etsy Print Shop.

Latest Entries to my Photoblog and Galleries

My latest work is always posted to my Photoblog and uploaded to the appropriate gallery. I try to make it as simple as possible to find my latest work. Images can also be found through a search engine inside both the photoblog and the galleries. If you are looking for a particular image feel free to contact me at CMLDigitalDetails@gmail.com

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